About  RTS

RTS Principal – Tyrone Mitchell

RTS Principal – Michael LiDondici

We began our careers in the Film and Television industry as producers and actors. While this may seem like curious beginnings to a career in simulation training, it is our experience in creating dramatic, real-to-life, situations for the screen that gives our training scenarios such authenticity and precision.

After working on countless film and television productions in both New York and Los Angeles, we felt a need to focus our work and to make more of a positive difference in this rapidly changing and dangerous world. It was this desire to get more involved with real life that brought us out of the make believe world of movies and TV shows, and into the United States Military training community.

Since focusing our talents on training US Army units deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, we have engaged in thousands of iterations with tens of thousands of Soldiers. The realistic and immersive nature of our training events quickly made us one of the most recognized teams in the Military training community. We have no doubt that our participation in Military training exercises have helped save not only the lives of US Soldiers serving abroad, but also of the civilians living in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2009, we once again shifted the focus of our efforts. Realizing that there is a great need here at home for First Responders to receive the same level of high quality training that we had been providing to Military personnel, we created Responder Training Services (RTS) with the solitary goal of becoming the nation’s leading First Responder training organization; bringing the most comprehensive, realistic, trauma and disaster response training to every corner of the globe.

We are currently located in Atlanta, GA and continue to do business nationwide.