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RTS attends the Greater Atlanta AUSA Chapter Holiday Social.

President of RTS, Tyrone Mitchell (left) with Business Development team member, Senator Valde Garcia (right) at the NGAUS GENERAL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION in Nashville, TN 2015.

T. Palma (RTS Project Manager) and Col. Bill Peace at NGANJ Conference.

RTS team attends AUSA Conference in Huntsville, TN 2017.


“RTS executed all contract requirements in a professional and efficient manner, to include minimizing changes when training resource requirements were adjusted by the customer.”
– Rotation Director, eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC)

“Consistently provided the highest level of quality and personal attention to detail and responsibility… identified numerous times by individual Soldiers as one of the best aspects of the exercise process”
– Chief, Army National Guard Bureau – Collective Training

“To a man, every Soldier questioned said that the XCTC Rotation was the best training they had ever experienced and the main areas complimented were the Role Player, Battlefield Effects and Battlefield Immersion, all areas controlled by RTS”
– Deputy Exercise Director, eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC)

“Utmost professionals, very capable staff… attentive to the customer’s needs”
– International Program Manager, SRI

“I was so impressed to see the scale and professionalism of your operations. More than once I heard from OCs that XCTC’s training and level of organization was the best they’d experienced”
– Conceptual documentary artist


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