Scenario  Development

RTS develops real world scenarios that address the overall readiness and preparedness of the training audience. We assess training needs to define the scope and objectives of activities and build realistic scenarios that include elements that allow proper detection, identification, and analysis of threats, and address the components and consequences of incidents, investigations, and operations.

Opposing  Forces

RTS employs an enemy unit to fulfill various OPFOR roles such as insurgents, or organized militias. RTS OPFOR are equipped with small arms weaponry, capable of blank fire engagement and interfacing with MILES 2000/IMILES simulation systems. OPFOR is the realistic opponent that challenges the training audience while it’s attempting to meet its objectives.

RTS employs artists and technicians from the Film and Television industry who create the most realistic training special effects. We offer a complete package of safe, environmentally conscious devices that recreate a variety of realistic casualty situations or battlefield environments.

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 Interactive  Course  Instruction

RTS employs practiced and proficient Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that have developed support tools that are being used at various Military installations throughout the United States. SMEs collaborate with writers in order to create the most realistic depiction of conditions, behaviors, and actions; assist in the facilitation of discussions; and make recommendations, at the request of the Government, if feedback or assessments are required.

Language,  Translation  and  Interpretation

RTS maintains a database of Foreign Language Speaking (FLS) professionals with experience providing Language, Interpretation and Translation Services for the Government. RTS FLS personnel are fluent in both English, and the language of their region, in order to provide translation of texts and transcription of audio files, as well as in-person interpretation and analysis

Role  Player  Support

RTS provides Foreign Language Speaking (FLS) Role Players who replicate specific tasks associated with characters such as: Interpreters, members of local governance, host nation security forces, tribal leadership, religious leadership, merchants, shopkeepers, etc. We also employ Non-FLS Generic Role Players/Civilians on the Battlefield (COBs) who portray townspeople, refugees, and detainees. Our Role Player workforce is comprised of types, genders, and age groups that meet most required character biographies.