training  and
battlefield  effects

Our BFE devices and munitions are constructed and operated to meet ATF standards. Certified technicians build devices according to the specifications required for training, and oversee their safe usage.

RTS Training and Battlefield Effects include:

Weapons  and  Simunitions  Effects

Weapon Systems are extensively modified in order to produce a life-like muzzle flash and audible signature comparable to a live firearm while not launching a projectile. Our Weapon Systems fire blank ammunition or use a non-projectile gas firing system.


  • 195 psi provides realistic signature and safe delivery
  • High visibility plume
  • Realistic signature composed of cork and powder to simulate shrapnel and debris
  • Multi directional plume attachments
  • Eight minute reload
  • Remote detonation

Fire  Markers

  • Distinct mortar signature
  • Distinct artillery signature
  • Smoke 3-6 minute burn time
  • Remote detonation
  • 6 load capacity
  • Realistic sound concussion

Remote  Detonator  Box

  • Universal pairing
  • Multiple programing capacity
  • 3 fail safe detonation port
  • Wireless remote detonation
  • 500 meter detonation range
  • Onboard voltage and battery tester
  • Emi compatible 12-volt system
  • All weather case


Role Players accurately depict scenarios dressed costuming that creates an immersive visual signature. The RTS Wardrobe package includes: authentic traditional dress, standard western styles, uniforms, and headgear ensembles, or any other scenario-specific clothing items required for training support.


RTS Moulage simulates serious wounds and injuries, adding realism to training events. Moulage packages include: fake blood, plastic bones, burned bodies, severed limbs, costuming, and any other makeup that helps a Role Player emulate the signs and symptoms necessary to execute the scenario; testing the capabilities of the Training Audience.


Visual Modification Vehicles (VISMODs) are used as mock threat vehicles by OPFOR, and simulate vehicle types such as the Soviet BRDM, BTR-80, T-72, and T-80 or equivalent. RTS has developed a full-scale replication vehicle design that consists of economical, lightweight, and durable materials.

VISMOD Features

  • Full-scale replica
  • Universal truck compatibility
  • Fully functioning turret
  • Technology compatible
  • Rigid off-road durability
  • High clearance
  • Top speed 40 mph
  • 10 mph recommended for iteration
  • 3 hour 4 man assembly
  • 1 hour disassembly
  • Easy rapid repair