RTS executed all contract requirements in a professional and efficient manner, to include minimizing changes when training resource requirements were adjusted by the customer.”

eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) Rotation Director

“To a man, every Soldier questioned said that the XCTC Rotation was the best training they had ever experienced and the main areas complimented were the Role Player, Battlefield Effects and Battlefield Immersion, all areas controlled by RTS

eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) Deputy Exercise Director

“Utmost professionals, very capable staff… attentive to the customer’s needs”

SRI, International Program Manager

“Consistently provided the highest level of quality and personal attention to detail and responsibility… identified numerous times by individual Soldiers as one of the best aspects of the exercise process”

Army National Guard Bureau, Chief – Collective Training

We are a small, minority-owned business with extensive experience in providing first-rate, cutting edge and realistic training to our nation’s soldiers within the scope of reduced defense and training budgets.

We began our careers in the Film and Television industry as producers and actors. While this may seem like curious beginnings to a career in First Responder training, it is our experience in creating dramatic, real-to-life situations for the screen that gives our training scenarios such authenticity and precision.

After working on countless film and television productions in both New York and Los Angeles, we felt a need to focus our work and to make more of a positive difference in this rapidly changing and dangerous world. It was this desire to get more involved with real life that brought us out of the make believe world of movies and TV shows, and into the United States Military training community.

Since focusing our talents on training US Army units deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, we have been involved in hundreds of iterations with, literally, thousands of soldiers. The realistic and immersive nature of our training events quickly made us one of the most recognized teams in the military training community. We have no doubt that our participation in military training exercises have helped save not only the lives of US soldiers serving abroad, but also of the civilians living in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2009, we once again shifted the focus of our efforts. Realizing that there is a great need here at home for First Responders to receive the same level of high quality training that we had been providing to military personnel, we created Responder Training Services (RTS) with the solitary goal of becoming the nation's leading First Responder training agency, bringing the most comprehensive, realistic trauma and disaster response training to every corner of the globe.



Situational awareness, and overall preparedness, develops an intuitive response to any and all circumstances that may pose a threat to Responders in the field. First Responders have a need for state of the art, realistic training, which genuinely prepares them for whatever trials they might face.

In order for training to be truly effective, complete and total immersion in a frantic, anything-can-happen environment is a must. People and events are unpredictable. Training needs to be organic, real, and adjustable, so it can match that unpredictability.

RTS offers a comprehensive training package.

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Role Player Support

Foreign Language Speaking (FLS) Role Players who replicate specific tasks associated with characters such as: Interpreters, members of local governance, host nation security forces, tribal leadership, religious leadership, merchants, shopkeepers, etc.

Non-FLS Generic Role Players/Civilians on the Battlefield (COBs) who portray townspeople, refugees, and detainees.


RTS employs civilians with prior military experience to fulfill various OPFOR roles, such as enemy insurgencies or organized militias. RTS OPFOR are equipped with small arms weaponry, capable of blank fire engagement and interfacing with MILES 2000/IMILES. OPFOR perform specified roles, and can remain on site during the entire training period.

Language, Translation, and Interpretation

RTS maintains a database of Foreign Language Speaking (FLS) professionals with experience providing Language, Interpretation and Translation Services for the Government. RTS FLS personnel are fluent in both English, and the language of their region, in order to provide translation of texts and transcription of audio files, as well as in-person interpretation and analysis.

Cultural Awareness Training

RTS offers Cultural Subject Matter ExpeRTS (CSMEs) who are either native to, or recently residing in, various cultural/geographic regions around the world. Intimately familiar with the appropriate customs and traditions of their region, RTS CSMEs provide an authentic representation of the localized way of life in the form of classroom instruction and/or hands-on training.

Battlefield Effects Personnel and Devices

RTS provides certified Technicians capable of performing Fire Marker functions and operating non-pyrotechnic devices that simulate Indirect Fires (IDF), Mine Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), UXO Caches, and Mortars.

Battlefield Effects Personnel and Devices

RTS provides certified Technicians capable of performing Fire Marker functions and operating non-pyrotechnic devices that simulate Indirect Fires (IDF), Mine Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), UXO Caches, and Mortars.

IED-Mine Devices

  • 195 psi provides realistic signature and safe delivery
  • High visibility plume
  • Realistic signature composed of cork and powder to simulate shrapnel and debris
  • Multi directional plume attachments
  • Eight minute reload
  • Remote detonation

Fire Markers

  • Distinct mortar signature
  • Distinct artillery signature
  • Smoke 3-6 minute burn time
  • Remote detonation
  • 6 load capacity
  • Realistic sound concussion

Remote Detonator Box

  • Universal pairing
  • Multiple programing capacity
  • 3 fail safe detonation port
  • Wireless remote detonation
  • 500 meter detonation range
  • Onboard voltage and battery tester
  • Emi compatible 12-volt system
  • All weather case


Authentic traditional dress, uniform, and headgear wardrobe ensembles, or any other scenario-specific clothing items required for training support.


Moulage (wound simulation) packages and makeup to replicate serious wounds and injuries.Additionally, RTS supplies andmaintains uniforms/Wardrobe for Moulage personnel throughout the duration of training support.  Moulage victims can be GRPs, RPs, OPFOR or Military personnel.

RTS Moulage simulates injuries, adding realism to the exercise. Moulage packages include: fake blood, plastic bones, burned bodies, severed limbs, and any other makeup that helps a player emulate the signs and symptoms necessary to execute the scenario, testing the capabilities of the training audience.

Weapon Systems

Weapon Systems fire blank ammunition or use a non-projectile gas firing system.

Blank-firing weapons are extensively modified weapons that are used to produce a life-like muzzle flash and audible signature comparable to a live firearm while not launching a projectile. BLANK-FIRING GUNS ARE STILL DANGEROUS AND MUST BE USED ACCORDING TO APPROVED SAFETY GUIDELINES. All RTS Weapons Systems are rendered capable of interfacing with MILES 2000 and I-MILES.


Visual Modification Vehicles (VIZMODs) are used as mock threat vehicles by OPFOR, and simulate vehicle types such as the Soviet BTR. VIZMOD frames are constructed to fit full sized pickup trucks such as the Chevy 1500, Ford F-150, and Dodge Ram. Covers are made of a weather resistant translucent material with a graphic display of the vehicle it’s designed to replicate. To protect the surface of the vehicle, as well as the integrity of the visually simulated construction, frames are attached to vehicles at the front tow hooks and two bars that run across the top of the bed. Gun turrets are mounted on a wooden base, and affixed to a bar across the bed of the vehicle. This technique ensures the frame never touches the vehicle surface.

VIZMOD Features

  • Full-scale replica
  • Universal truck compatibility
  • Fully functioning turret
  • Rear mounted camera
  • Turret mounted camera
  • Up to 2 additional cameras
  • Day/night video capture
  • Passenger notebook monitor with multiple display and recording capabilities
  • Rigid off-road durability
  • High clearance
  • Top speed 40 mph
  • 10 mph recommended for iteration
  • 3 hour 4 man assembly
  • 1 hour disassembly
  • Easy rapid repair
  • In vehicle remote fire and turret rotation
  • Miles compatible


RTS attends the 137th NGAUS General Conference & Exhibition in Nashville, TN 10-13 SEP.

RTS is named a 2015 Top Simulation and Training Company by Military Training Technology.

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