Responder Training Services (RTS) is a minority-owned business located in Atlanta, GA. Our team of experts are highly motivated and prepared to support your project. Offerings include a full line of production services, special effects, performers, and performance management, customized to meet your needs.

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Codes & Certifications

711510, 611699, 611630, 611519, 611430, 541990
541930, 541618, 541611, 512199, 512110, 333318


About Us

RTS was founded with the intent of sharing our expertise with those in need of high quality, cost effective, production services. We’re currently located in Atlanta, GA and continue to do business nationwide.


Film & Video Production

We specialize in Feature Film, Television, Commercial, Documentary, Industrial, Animation, Digital, and Music Video Production.  Production packages include:
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Direction
  • Production & Production equipment
  • Editing
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Special Effects

We are Artists and Technicians dedicated to creating realistic effects and simulations. RTS offers a complete package of safe, environmentally conscious, devices and materials that replicate a multitude of events, while stimulating the senses. Special Effects include:
  • Atmospherics
  • Weapons and Simunitions
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Wardrobe
  • Moulage
  • Props
  • Visual Modification Vehicles (VISMODs)


We deliver hyper-realistic performances using theatrical techniques that have been honed over many years in multiple market place applications from Broadway and major motion pictures to battlefield immersion exercises. Individuals assigned to portray specific characters and associated tasks are recruited, trained, managed and directed. This employs a dynamic process that ensures we actively engage audiences, and facilitate discussions associated with continuous improvement. Performers include:

  • Actors
  • Role Players
  • Generic - COBs
  • Special Skill - OPFOR
  • Foreign Language Speakers
  • Interpreters
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“RTS executed all contract requirements in a professional and efficient manner, to include minimizing changes when training resource requirements were adjusted by the customer.”
- Rotation Director, eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC)
“To a man, every Soldier questioned said that the XCTC Rotation was the best training they had ever experienced and the main areas complimented were the Role Player, Battlefield Effects and Battlefield Immersion, all areas controlled by RTS”
- Deputy Exercise Director, eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC)
"Responder Training Services provided prompt service at a fair cost. As a costume designer specializing in militaristic projects for the past 10 years, it's clear that RTS's professionalism and quality materials at fair prices will guarantee them my business in future endeavors."
- Costume Designer, Megan Leavey
“Consistently provided the highest level of quality and personal attention to detail and responsibility… identified numerous times by individual Soldiers as one of the best aspects of the exercise process.”
- Chief, Army National Guard Bureau – Collective Training
"Provided competent staff that was flexible in a changing operational environment."
- Rotation Director, eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC)
XCTC is a very dynamic program and RTS has maintained the flexibility to meet every requirement while maintaining high quality, low cost support.
- Deputy Director, eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC)
"Resourceful and accountable!"
- Founder / Executive Producer, Production company
“Utmost professionals, very capable staff… attentive to the customer’s needs”

- Program Manager, SRI International

"Really appreciated you guys at 18-05 = always something I can count on."
- Deputy, eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC)

“Will RTS be coming back to Fort Hood Texas again? I loved working with the company.”
- Temporary Employee


Responder Training Services is named a Top Simulation & Training Company by Military Training Technology.

Responder Training Services receives the AUSA THIRD REGION 2019 Award.

Responder Training Services has been selected for the 2019 Best of Atlanta Award.

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